Jeans for a woman: kinds and their features

Jeans is clothes that will always be in fashion. Over the years, the principles by which these trousers were created remain unchanged. Jeans are the best casual trousers for women and men. Jeans are sewn from a rather coarse, thick cotton fabric. A quality product has always convenient pockets. Usually, there are five of them. Jeans, the size of which is not so difficult to determine, have many advantages. They are comfortable, practical, fairly simple to maintain. In addition, this item can be easily combined with any items of clothing. Jeans always look elegant and neat. The main thing is to choose the right size, style, and color.

Fashionable women's jeans firmly entered the wardrobe, as the form of casual clothing, as well as the clothes for going to work or leisure. Their story began over a hundred years ago. Since the appearance of this type of clothing, it suffered many changes. The process of their changes is still not completed. Since jeans have a long history, most well-known designers start calling them classics.

Jeans for a woman: kinds and their features

Now there is a huge variety of models that can be combined with styles of any direction. How to choose jeans?

Ripped and frayed women's jeans are very popular. They have firmly established their positions and it is believed that they will not give them up. But recently, only rockers and punks were their fans.

Classical jeans

The classic cut is suitable for everyday life and business meetings because they can be worn with any blouse, vest, shirt, T-shirt or other items of outerwear. There is no doubt about this because fashion actual shows have confirmed this fact.

Wide cut

This style of jeans is popular among obese women because of their freestyle women can hide all the flaws of the body. But they are suitable for slender women as well. Wide jeans emphasize tenderness and fragility.

Skinny jeans

Among the abundance of styles, skinny women's jeans are considered to be a fashion trend. They have appeared in fashion shows for many years.

This style will fit slender and tall girls. After all, they will not look so impressive on other women. When choosing such a style girl needs to remember that it will emphasize all the irregularities and bulges on the legs. Every season designers wear their models in skinny jeans because this item does not go out of fashion.

Jeans for a woman: kinds and their features


Boyfriends have become one of the main modern and fashionable inventions. They got their name because of their similarity with men's styles. They should create the feeling that the girls took them from their boyfriends and went in them somewhere.

Jeans-boyfriends are characterized by a scuff that symbolizes a male character. Also, they must have rolled edges and large size. Girls often adjust it with a belt.

Designers recommend combining the women's jeans ‘boyfriends’ with shoes on a flat sole. But there are cases when boyfriends look harmonious with a heel, which adds a certain contrast to the image of a woman.

Jeans for a woman: kinds and their features


Shortened jeans gained good popularity during a few seasons. It should be noticed that women can shorten any style, as long as it looks great at the owner.

Curvaceous girls and women, who are not so tall, should avoid this style. After all, it will give their magnificent figures more mass due to the fact that they visually lose a few centimeters of growth.