Cardigans for a woman and their kinds

Cardigan is a necessary attribute in the wardrobe of every girl, who follows fashion. Today it is cool to combine different styles. The variety of cardigans allows emphasizing all advantages of the womanís figure. With the help of cardigan the woman can wear in classical style, or choose more modern one. Today the cardigans without fasteners and buttons are in fashion. They will look great with skinny jeans, classical shoes and pearly necklace. Such items look good whether young girl or woman puts it on. Warm and cute cardigan, which is made from natural fabric, will help in a cold winter or rainy autumn.

Cardigan is a type of jacket. It consists of a back and two front halves. Classic models have a fastener along the entire length. Such fastener can be buttons, hooks or zippers. Cardigan can be supplemented with patch pockets, belt, or other draperies. This type of clothing was named for the English name of Count Cardigan.

Cardigans for a woman and their kinds

Cardigan as an element of women's wardrobe

Despite all their popularity, cardigans entered into the world fashion only in the twentieth century. At the same time, they became part of women's wardrobe. The very first model of the free silhouette with wide armholes and patch pockets appeared in 1918 thanks to Coco Chanel. She offered to wear a cardigan with a straight skirt, thus creating a suit. In the era of the Second World War in the UK, short narrow models were popular. This was explained by the realities of the time. Wool in the war period was very expensive, and the British had to dissolve old knitted items in order to knit a fashionable product.

The main difference between a jacket and its variety, a cardigan, is the absence of a collar in the cardigan. The main difference between a jumper, a pullover and a sweater from a cardigan is a way of putting it on. If all items of clothing, listed above, are worn over the head, then the cardigan is worn like a jacket. A classic cardigan has a fastener along the entire length, but nowadays there are models without it. So itís not quite correct to consider it the main difference between a cardigan and all other types of sweaters. So, for example, a jumper can be supplemented with a small clasp, a pullover always has a V-shaped neckline without a fastener, and in a sweater, it can perform only a decorative function.

Cardigans for a woman and their kinds

Types of cardigans

Classic Cardigan

A classic cardigan is a knitted model. It has a deep V-neckline without a collar and fastens along the entire length. Depending on the type of yarn and the method of knitting, the product may have a different size and thickness. A classic cardigan is made in free and fitted variants having the length up to the waist, hips or mid-calf. Traditionally, models are made of wool of black, beige, brown, gray, dark blue or mustard color. A classic cardigan is considered to be an element of the basic wardrobe.

Cardigans for a woman and their kinds

Modern Cardigan

Modern cardigans, which designers offer every season, are often far from the classic version. They can be knitted and sewn, tight-fitting and voluminous, of any length from the waist to the ankles. They also can be as for winter, as for summer. Sometimes cardigans are sewn without fasteners, complemented by a collar, a hood etc. The sleeves of the modern cardigan can be set-in, single-cut or raglan type, the shoulder line is slightly or strongly deflated.

Modern cardigans are sewn from coarse and fine wool, silk, polyamide, cotton, viscose, acrylic, mohair, and cashmere. Designers completed them with embroidery, ribbons, rhinestones, decorative buttons etc. At present, there are cardigans that can be worn as a dress or coat. There are also models, partially made of bologna, which can be worn instead of a jacket.